pajamas for women, a convergence of vagina and pajama
The woman slipped into a comfy pair of vajamas before going to bed.
by jo April 04, 2005
Top Definition
word used to describe the act of when a male is either so tired or so drunk that he falls asleep or passes out with his junk still inside his female counterpart during sex.
I was so trashed last night I fell asleep in my vajamas!
by Big Business October 13, 2007
1) slang for vagina
2) Also means coward, as in he was a big vajama because he was afraid of going on the big rollercoaster
"Billy was too scared to do a back flip, he is a big vajama"

Pete:"I can't believe he wouldn't go mountain biking with us!"
Tom: "I know! What a vajama!"
by MGMT Fan April 19, 2010
Nighttime clothing made specifically for women.
I usually sleep in my boxers, but she likes to put on her sexy vajamas.
by Juke McKones May 04, 2011
When a female sleeps in the nude she is wearing her vajamas.
When she stays over at his house Kelly always wears her vajamas to bed because anything else would be too warm.
by N3rdM3tal September 13, 2013
anything a man wears to bed other than underwear.
a night shirt, silk pajamas, etc.

Hey man, nice vajamas.
by jaminor April 17, 2009
a methaphor used to describe the state when a woman is not in the mood for sex
"honey, not tonight...I have a headache, so I put my vajamas on"
by Dbot10 August 07, 2008
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