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When a girl doesn't shave her genital area, then gets her period and the blood clots around her pubic hairs. Similar to Dingle Berries.
Caroline: Oh shit I got my period and I forgot to shave!
Brittany: Better get on that before you get those Vagingle Berries!
by runforestrun December 10, 2009
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A small ball of toilet paper that becomes captured in the creases of a woman's vagina, usually when she has wiped after urinating. These in some way are akin to the dingleberry and could also cling to hairs near the pubic area but are more often drawn to the moist areas between the labias minora and majora.

See: vagingle dingleberry
"I was eating my girlfriend's pussy last night and nearly choked on a vagingleberry."

"That brand of toilet paper gives me vagingleberries."

by Chester Malone October 17, 2008
Vaginal Dingleberries.
Tom:That stripper has dingleberries on her vagina!
Ned:Those are called Vagingleberries
by swiftyquick March 04, 2009

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