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Any person, group of people, or organization that through their speech, writings, and/or actions are implicitly attempting to control, direct, and/or subjugate a woman’s inherent rights to the control of her body, her mind, her sexuality, and medical choices made between her and her doctor. Most of these Vaginal Vampire attacks are veiled in authoritarian religious dogma and conservative political rhetoric in an attempt to steal and control the power of the Womb and/ or Woman. This is accomplished through the demonizing of birth control, abortion, Planned Parenthood, the dumbing down and/or elimination of sexual education, the defining down of the violent crime of rape, the propagation of abstinence only, and the theft of a women’s rights of equality. The tactics employed to accomplish these goals run the gamut from intimidation, fear, propaganda, terror, violence, and murder/assassination.
"Luckily we're systematically stripping women of their rights. Abortion will be illegal in no time!" - Bill
"You're a vaginal vampire. You have no say in the discussion of a woman's choice." - Don
by bort6 May 31, 2011
Usually a man, who enjoys eating out a womens vaginia while she is on her period because he enjoys the blood
Dude dont talk to him, his a fuckin Vaginal Vampire
by James Rose March 28, 2007
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