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When a girlss cherry pops with such intency that it explodes all over the the males penis. The blood goes in every direction.
"DUDDEDE! I poped this girls cherry last night and it went everywhere!"

"YOOO that sounds like a VAGINAL EXPLOSION!"
by Evan and Sam February 27, 2008
When a lady's vagina implodes releases various amount of fluids, some of which can be eaten to dispose of the used sperm which has been left inside the sluts vagina.
My vaginal Explosion caused quite the event at the Baseball game yesterday! One of the players rushed up and ate the aborted sperm.
by LeJoePoe December 10, 2013
A term used for what can sometimes be labeled as fiction. It is when a male's penis is too large for a vagina to contain. If the woman tries to orgasm the vagina will literally rip open and have a lot of random shit fly out. IE: semen,blood,water,urine,etc
Guy 1 :I rammed my dick sooooo hard into Morgan that her vag had a vaginal explosion.

Guy 2 :No way!
by O.G. God February 03, 2011
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