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The politically correct term for a woman in the United States of America used by anyone that doesn't want to come across as sexist. May be heard by the same people that say "African American" because they are afraid of coming across as racist.

If your boss is a woman, I highly recommend addressing and referring to her as a Vaginal American during important business meetings or other professional gatherings. I mean, you don't want to come across as ignorant do you?
Guy: "Hey lady, you dropped this back there."
Lady: "Umm...I don't appreciate you using the L-word, I prefer to be called a Vaginal American. Okay? Thanks."

Joe: "I'm going to ask that African American girl from class to go out with me this Friday."
Carl: "Dude, don't say that. Say 'black vaginal american'."
Joe: "Yeah...wait, what?"
by DubDniK May 05, 2011
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