Troll form of vagina , vaginah is simply the same thing but the way its said is different
Kronda: oh mah gerd.. Latfia gimmeh mah back mah mudda fukin afro pick,

Latifa: guuuurll u aint got no afro! I needs dis for mines, u just gots ur her did like lashonda, all pertiied up n shitnuggetz
Kronda: gurl dont wit meh!

Latifa: gurl u beeda be gettin laid, calm dem chicken breastusus
Kronda: dont make me cum oyer der n rip off dem pussehh leeeps!
Latifa: what kinda mudda fuka is u? U classless.. What getto bitch uses the word pusseh, be a lady and say it right.

Kronda: bitch?
Latifa: Vaginah.
Kronda: ....

Lashonda : ooooo gurl mah pussy lips be on FIRE DAYUM, That bitch doc lied n told me this shit wuld go awer, can a nigga get sum ALOWE

*kronda and latifa gtfo this bitch leaving lashonda alern cuz she cray*
Alex: what chu doing standing around! get back.on dem skreets n.make big daddy brow
by meerrt September 15, 2012

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