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Synonym for "woman." A word that both combines and describes their screeching, irrational behavior and the only thing providing them value to anyone else.

Simply put, women little more than monkeys with vaginas.
"Dude, better keep your vagina monkey under control, it is being a huge bitch."

"We were at the mall and we saw a whole pack of vagina monkeys fighting over a sale."
by Deltassius May 11, 2009
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a walking std.
You are a vaginamonkey, as is ur mom.
by gingerMYASS October 05, 2010
A person or persons who are in the vagina almost non-stop (A player or a pimp).
Dude, Max is such a vagina monkey, with all his bitches and what not.
by MonkeyMan22423 May 27, 2011
A human baby.
The tail, of course, being the umbilical cord.
Doctor: Oh, lord! This is the ugliest little vagina monkey I have ever brought into this world!
by damienne February 06, 2007
A creature resembling a monkey with a vagina for a mouth. It's diet consists of only the male genitals.
Oh no! Keep that Vagina Monkey away from the men!
by yOy0 June 16, 2008
to be a loser who wants to name a friends lacrosse stick jizz
oh my god! Emtruepoo your such a vagina monkey! I'm not naming my stick jizz!! Haha
by McDonald Groupie May 17, 2008

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