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The two-handed block move (right over the hole!) used by a woman to prevent a dirty, unwanted penis from going in her. High success rate. Works every time. More successful when accompanied by a "VAGINA BLOCK" scream.
"Dude, I was totally trying to get with this girl last night, but she pulled a vagina block."
"Man, that sucks."


"I forgot my rape whistle last night, so when this guy pulled out his dick, I had to use the vagina block instead."
by OET November 09, 2008
just like a cock block, but instead of a guy getting blocked its a girl.
kelly- i was just about to kiss casey and then danni comes over and vagina blocks me.
morgan- i hate getting vagina blocked
by chunkanator7 December 09, 2010
1. To prevent a female friend from getting some action.
Bitch, you totally just vaginablocked Rikki-Lee!
It doesn't matter, she's such a slut she'll get some later.
by ozkidzez91 September 26, 2009
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