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A surprisingly unknown, yet common disease empirically proven to be linked to possessing a vagina. Symptoms include insanity, intense irrationality, the need to bitch incessantly, mood swings, stupidity to the point of mental retardation, low self esteem, belligerence, bad driving, and more. Unfortunately, this can be contracted by men in the form of stupidity, insanity, and belligerence.
Girl walks into room. Guy looks at her.
"What the fuck was that?!" - Girl
"What was what???" - Guy
"That look! You just gave me a look like I fucking disgust you or something!!!" - Girl
"What are you talking about? I didn't do anything!" - Guy
"Motherfucker! Get out!!!" - Girl

To friend:
"My girl has a serious case of the Vagina Insanity right now" - Guy
by Kenicke Powbanks October 21, 2008
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