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Definition 1: Vagiant - derives from the words Vampire + Giant, meaning something extremely large and awesome nothing is bigger than a vagiant. Douche - a word of many meanings, but in this context, it is used as an insult, generally to those of the male persuasion, when referring to someone who possesses all of the qualities one might imagine when thinking of someone named Chad, Guy or Butch

Definition 2: a person, generally male, who behaves like a comlete idiot to the point of douchebaggery however, with an extra spice of complete outrageousness
Person A: Look at those flip flops, tight shirt and sunglasses Chad is wearing. It's winter.
Person B: That guy is a vagiant douche!
Person A: Agreed.
Person B: Mango
Person A: Hot Cross Bunnies
by JEKAMANGO January 24, 2011
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