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the color of a purplish red vagina
She couldn't take the dick joke, and blushed so hard she turned vagenta.

I smacked that ass so hard it turned vagenta!
by Salostryker November 22, 2010
The color of the inside of a Vagina.

Ranges from a light pink to dark purple.

Name derivative from Magenta.
"That chick's pussy was a delightful shade of vagenta."
by OddDude August 12, 2008
noun: an alternative for vagina, pussy, vaj, cunt, twat, va-jay-jay.
"Wow, that bitch has a sweet vagenta!"
by LizzyLizard November 08, 2007
1.) The hot pink color of a hoohoo (vagina).
2.) The color only real men love.
3.) The color of Dave's Christmas tapestry.
1.) My hoo hoo was wet, throbbing, and the brightest vangenta I have ever seen.
2.) I bought my man a vagenta colored shirt for his birthday.
3.) Dave's Christmas tapestry is vagenta, and he's a real man, so he loves it!
by wildwindchild December 14, 2011