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An unholy combination of anus and vagina; the worst thing ever.
Dude, I went down on that girl and she had a vagass! I got the fuck out of there!
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 22, 2003
noun:1. A person with an extremely comfortable usu. fleshy sometimes moist rear end.2.One who never follows through or is of weak resolve.3.Opp. of tight-ass, one who is lavish with money or resources.

1.Ted: kim and I were spooning and she was so comfortable I couldn't help but butt-fuck her.
Bob:Oh yeah, kim is a total vag-ass.

2.Clyde:Where the hell is gabe? He was supposed to bring the beer!
Jacob:Man he's a total vag-ass.We should stop inviting him to our poker game.

3.john: Sorry bill I can't make rent this month.
bill: yeah 'cus you spent all your money on hookers and x, goddamit! your such a vag-ass!
by xZMalachiZx December 24, 2007
A rare cross breed between a vagina and an asshole
Dick: WHOA DUDEEEE you see that vagass?
Joe: whoaaa man thats so rare now days man... whap it...
by Cutty123 June 08, 2009
An item that has an odor distinctly consistent of both Vagina and Ass.
After a session of freaky sex the room smelled like Vagass.

Careful with that towel, it smells like Vagass.
by vjmandi December 18, 2013
Vag-Ass is a term used on a very specific group of people, but only one person knows the true definition. This person is said to be extremely smart and beautiful, and she is going to take the true meaning of the word to her grave. It is often used to retaliate the term Dick-Butt, which has no real meaning at all.
Tom, you are a typical Vag-Ass.
by Chelsea Thompson May 15, 2007
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