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Person, Place, or Thing that has the astounding ability to attract females (Vagina aka Vag) with some kind of mystic magnetic like force (Magnet aka Mag).
Vag Mag Owner: Dude! After getting that new BMW convertible, I've been racking in the PUSSY!

Deuce Best Friend: Damn man, that BMW convertible must be a legit "Vag Mag"! Cause there is no way in hell bitches are attractive to your 5'2" 210 pound ass!

Vag Mag Owner: *Ponders his friend's wisdom and realizes its true. But doesn't give a fuck since this Vag Mag was getting him laid a lot.
by PerVecTxCHILD May 02, 2009
combination of the words vagina + magnet, meaning that your such a stud that girls are automatically attracted to you
A: how does he get all the girls? i dont understand

B: hes a vagmag, idk how he does it
by christophorus September 03, 2010
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