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A Goth or Celt leader who once conquered Rome even though being outnumbered, imortalized the Latin word meaning “woe unto the conquered” or “suffering to the conquered,” Raiding Celtic tribes under the leadership of Brennus ravage Rome and occupy the city for three months. Offended by the dirty conditions of the city they demand a ransome to leave the Romans alone. Brennus demands his weight in gold and when the Romans complain that the scales they are using are innaccurate he throws his sword on the scales to be weighed as well with the cry "VAE VICTUS" - (Woe to the Vanquished).
Legacy of Kain- The battle cry of the lord of the Vampires, Kain.
by Strayline March 01, 2005
Woe to the Conquered (From The Legacy Of Kain series)
VAE VICTUS, Motherfucker !
by matt September 16, 2004