Unknowingly breathing heavily (like Darth Vader) into the receiver during a conference call thus distracting or disturbing other callers.
Bob, is that you Vadering? I can't understand anything. Please mute!
by grp August 03, 2009
Top Definition
The act of breathing heavily into a microphone, cell phone etc., without realizing it. Breathing is often heard when the microphone is too close to one's nostrils.
Hey Dave? You're vadering REALLY badly, dude. I'll have to either turn down the volume, or you need to pull that mic out of your nose...
by Marie "Creek" January 13, 2010
Revealing to your future son-/daughter-in-law that you are, in fact, their true father, thus rendering any marriage prospects impossible, or at best, unlikely.
Most effective when done to a male named Luke.
Person 1: So, you want to marry my daughter, eh?
Person 2: Yes please, sir, I love her very much.
Person 1: Dave, I am your father.
Person 2: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not Vadering!!!
by MrBlueSky2397 February 25, 2013
Jumping in the air while somebody pretends to force choke you. Looks better if done with a low camera angle facing upwards.
Person A, holds their hand up as if force choking somebody.
Person B, jumps in the air and holds their hands around their throat as if being choked.
by Zansatsu86 May 15, 2013
The act off shining a light on your penis, in a dark room to project the head of your penis on a wall. By doing this you will have the result of a "Darth Vader Helmet" on your wall.
Dude last night I was so hard so I started vadering on my wall. It was awesome
by Weekeleeks April 01, 2015
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