What is Vavavoom, Thierry?
Non, mais non.

It is not about cheap French cars.

Vavavoom is good things for delicious people who know what matters.

Vavavoom is also like David Beckham sucking Gisele Bundchen's toes in a Corbusier house while she watches Ursula Andress coming out of the sea.

Vavavoom is what you are if you are still reading.

But most of all. Vavavoom is an ecosystem. Vavavoom to you
go to www.vavavoom.com or call your local agent in brazil, switzerland, london and france
by nicolas September 01, 2004
the feeling of bravery. a catchprase made popular by the world's best player, Thierry Henry
what is va va voom? has the rabbit? bobby what's the frnch fo va va voom?
by tuka August 10, 2004
a word describing counter strike clan called #mono
mono have the va va voom to own all.
by noLimit April 24, 2003
a word describing a counter strike clan called #mono
mono players have the va va voom to own.
by noLimit April 24, 2003
What is Vavavoom? Non, mais non Thierry. Vavavoom has nothing to do with cheap french cars. At least not for now. Most of all, Vavavoom is an ecosystem. Vavavoom is good goods and fair fashion. Vavavoom is the sound of a revving car or a starlet in Hollywood. It is American for wow or Like your style, darling. Maybe it means simply, sensually Sensibility.
Vavavoom belongs to all Anihumans. What is Vavavoom?
When Renault and Publicis started using this expression for their multi million pound add in the UK and some other places they thought it would stand for them or some way of life Renault Clio drivers aspire to. Now Thierry Henry and Arsenal are great but excusez-moi les mecs... It started far earlier and don't try getting domains off other posing as students.

So as much as I know it must have started in the 1930s and means as much as it says above. cheers
by ulysse March 09, 2005
Sumfin u shud never say 2 ur french teacher
ME: "hey miss wats da french for va va voom?"

by Leprochaun March 28, 2005
1) The Renault Clio advert.
2) The noise a car makes.
3) An exclamation of power.
1) "Dude, the Va Va Voom! ad with the car with the dildo light was the best"
2) *Vroom* *Va Va Voom*
3) "Dude, I just pwned this asshole, Va Va Voom!"
by Soiled Undergarment August 08, 2003
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