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In other words a vaginal shotgun!
When a man inserts a tight roll blunt 1/4 way into his womans vagina. The woman uses 5 kegal flexes to pull in said smoke. The man then pulls out the joint and presses his lips to her Va J hole. She then uses pressure out reflexex blowing the smoke in his mouth.

WARNING:Use Extreme caution while holding/pulling. Women Do not fart. You'll blow his eyebrows off j/k. Men if she has no idea what a kegal muscle is

DO NOT ATEMPT THIS!!! It will end badly for both of you and waste your stash. Great for fun time 4 play. Men if She's into it you can blow you exhale back in her mouth.
Penny gave me a Va "J" Token Token last night and it tore my ass up and plesured her in all the right places.
by Crayola4TW4rmunda November 01, 2009
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