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The only all female corps of cadets in the world...and there's a reason why. These women work hard and play hard all week long. In the eyes of the public VWIL girls are the stone faced, squared cornered, locked on role models of Mary Baldwin College...but they are so much more. Beyond the cool exterior of their mass formations exists a deep sisterhood with bonds whose strengths can only be surpassed by their own individual drive to succeed. Excelling in academics, leadership, and socially, the VWIL girls definitely have their plates full. They work their way up the class and regimental systems, starting with their nULLship and ending in commencement. As a nULL cadets form bonds with their sister nULLs and create memories that will last forever. These women are the future leaders and change makers of our society.
Trad: I'm so tired, I had an 8 o'clock class this morning.

VWIL: Really?! I had a 6 o'clock formation, and a 7 o'clock meeting, then the same 8 o'clock class that you had, followed by three hours of homework and an hour of PT. Girl Please!
by Cadet so and so October 24, 2009