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1) The group of people who support the band "The Vancouver Project." They, generally, wear either a black hoodie or track jacket with the words "VP Crew" in the upper corner and military caps that match.

2) A group of gamers on X-Box Live. They play Halo 3 primarily, but have been known to be found on Left 4 Dead. They can be recognized through their gamer motto simply saying "VP Crew" however, in games of Halo 3, they are marked with a bear claw inside a circle.
1) Yeah dude, the kids in the VP Crew are really dedicated to that band. It's actually pretty impressive.

2) Dude, the kids who play in the VP Crew are such assholes. I'm pretty sure the one kid told me he had sex with my dad.
by Tommy Vancouver August 24, 2009
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