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short for Victim Of Anal
when you go to jail and drop the soap you may become a VOA
by narns February 25, 2008
acronym for Voice Over Actors who are actors & actresses who faces were not seen by the public. VOAs work during the 1920's to today doing Radio Program, commercials as well as voices for animated programs & commercials.
Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, Paul Frees, June Foray, Frank Welker, Tom Kenny, Billy West, Lauren Tom, Dee Bradley Baker,Tara Strong & Tress McNeil are fine examples of the VOAs that are doing voice overs on tv animation programs.
by BruinKiller3469 June 09, 2009
Vandal or artist?/Vandalism or art?
A tag used in public places often where the vandal's other works have been repeatedly removed. Used to question authority often in places such as a school. While its an interesting concept, it still counts as vandalism.
Principal: It has come to my attention that we have a major issue with vandalism in this school.
Student (hidden within the rest of the students at the assembly): V.O.A?!!
by Thetanone February 24, 2012
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