a blood gang in south central la. stand for van ness gangstas.
tuna brains:damn dey lookin for da homie from 55

tiny insane: who cuz

tuna brains: dem slob azz niggas from VNG
by southcentralian July 27, 2004
Top Definition
"Very nice game" , this is simply a thoughtful gesture when you win or (lose) a Poker (hand) or Magic: The gathering game , but you felt some sense of rewarding value (knowledgeable gain)" . It is not limited to these particular games, but any internet based competitive game.
Dude, I'm good. But ya got me ;) -- VNG
by Sun God(s) August 27, 2012
Van Ness GanstersThe hood my big sister reps!
The VNG's don't give a fuck about no body.
by BabyNemo October 24, 2010
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