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Initials for "Vulcan Muff Grip." When a male grabs his woman by the muff as if he were picking up a six pack.
Last night my girlfriend was on my side of the bed, so I used the "VMG" to move her back.

I used the "VMG" on her last night, and she went wild on me. This thing really works if applied right !
by OXBOX January 02, 2012
Voice mail Greeting i.e. the message your supposed to record when your unable to answer your cell phone.
Candace: Instead of that boring, VMG i.e. I can't get to....Leave a msg, I decided to just record myself playing the guitar.

Ann: Let it go to VM and I'll call you back.
Candace: K
Ann(Calls Back): Wow babe is that how you feel.
Candace: All the time
Ann: It's beautiful.
Candace: Eric, Liz, and Ty like me to play it for them to help sleep easy at night.

Ann: You need to suck it up and get things recorded.
Candace: It is VMG lol Just call my phone silly.
Ann: Your a smart a.$.

Candace: Five hundred ninety nine or so, reasons I care and six thousand four hundred ninety two ways to hear the sound Made up for freedom of will.
by BeavNButtersStudders April 04, 2010

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