Variation In Production - a remix or rework of a song, usually by the original artist. Common to Electronic music genres such as Drum & Bass and Dubstep.
"Have you heard the VIP mix?"
"Oh. It's totally different"
by RealDan April 21, 2013
When in a live show the singer makes a private mix for that live show .

You can't find it anywhere.
man that vip mix from last night was dope
by Batranelu44 December 12, 2011
A VIP (Very Important Person) mix is a type of remix found almost exclusively in the EDM genres. These are mixes that are normally created by the original artist and intended to only be given or distributed to select DJs for use in Live Shows. VIP tracks are rarely released to the general public, and normally only live recordings are ever found; as there are almost never Studio Recordings made of VIP remixes.
That VIP mix of Internet Friends that Knife Party played in their set last week was awesome!
by cbruscato December 22, 2012

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