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An internal combustion engine with ten cylinders arranged in a Vee shape.
"What engine does that Carrera GT have?"
"A 5.7-litre V10."
by JaaagMan March 25, 2012
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10mg vailums
by barry October 17, 2003
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An internal combustion engine with 10 cylinders arranged in a Vee.
1: A: "What engine's that M5 got?"
B: "A 5-litre V10"

2: Vehicle description:

Manufacturer: Volkswagen
Model: Phaeton

Registration Number: DE56 EIN

Engine: 5.0 TDI
Engine layout: V10
Wheels driven: 4

Transmission: A6

Number of owners: 3
by JaaagMan June 28, 2012
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