Short-version for the Victoria Event Center. A small-looking-but-big-on-the-inside buillding where some local concerts and most of the raves in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada are held. The Victoria Event Center is in the upstiars portion of an old brick building that, to the "untrained eye" would look like a useless old place, but inside, theirs couches, chairs and a small bar. It's by far one of the sweetest places for a rave EVER!
Guy 1: Yo man. Going to the rave tonight?

Guy 2: Where's it at?

Guy 1: V.E.C 11-5

Guy 2: Aiight, i'll be there
by Lorne Gardner April 03, 2007
Top Definition
the name of a great guy; is a great boyfriend and would make a perfect husband/father; treats his girl like she deserves to be treated; is respectful and trustworthy; it a really good kisser and is normally very good-looking
Friend: How was your date with that guy last night?
Me: Not bad, but he's no Vec.
Friend: So no second date then?
by bocoop December 09, 2012
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