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1. Upon gaining a momentary upskirt view, whether intentional or accidental, discovering an absence of panties, thus glimpsing an unobstructed view of her cooch. Could be good or bad.

2. An inferior worksheet function in Microsoft Excel. Often found in a spreadshit.
Phil: Shit, my phone's down to just 5 percent battery! What I gonna do bruh?!

LC: Easy! There's plenty of spare sockets under Mary's desk. Crawl under there and plug it in.

Phil: You mean 'Hairy Mary'?!?! No way bruh! It's a hot day and she's wearing a skirt. I ain't risking no accidental vlookup!
by XLedge June 07, 2016
A discreet term for a smear test.
Hey girls I went for my V Look Up today.
by Jayne M April 06, 2009
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