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A brown man. An odd name given to a trini man also known as Uthong. Another name for a thong. A man who has frequent wet dream when dreaming about his women. Usually busts a big load when having sex sorta like that scene in Scary movie. Tends to come from a large family because busting big loads runs in the family. If you sleep with a Uthon your chances of getting pregnant are very high. uthon loves to smoke weed. Chances are that he has probably been arrested at least one time in his life. Has a good head on his shoulders and in his pants. Likes to get head or sorry loves to.
Hey are you wearing a Uthong today?
Hey what color is your Uthong?
You should try a Uthon tonight.

girl 1: Did you see that huge cum shot over there?
girl 2: that must have been a Uthon.
by sd dee April 25, 2010
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