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This is a wonderful drink to make sure you; 1 stay awake, 2 have sex with whatever swamp donkey you stumble upon, 3 wake up naked and ashamed. It has also been known to make you stumble into an AA meeting the next day. 1 part Red Bull, 1 part Cabo Wabo, and 1 part Cherry Pucker.
Steve: "Mark what happened to you last night?"
Mark: "I had a couple Utah shots at the bar and banged the bartender."
Steve: "That hot blonde?"
Mark: "No that fat girl with glasses."
Steve: "That swamp donkey"
Mark: "Yea, I don't wanna talk about it. Hey do you know if they still have those meetings at the church."
Steve: "Good idea."
by jcloser December 21, 2010
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