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Proper Noun : in reference to frequenters of the site Urbis.com. Coined on July 10th by user dancestandingstill who says, "It sounded like a solid citizen of some place. and this place focuses on making people solid citizens by the necessity of the fact that to take you must give... and the further education on how to give as related by direct experience of feedback."

Expanded to refer to all writerly types who seek comraderie and sense of artistic justification online because only other such types would tolerate reading their whiney unrequited love poetry. Like a Trekkie, but for poetry and other egotistical endeavors.
I will award ten kudos to the first Urbisinian who understands how deep this poem really is, and that the dying oak tree is really a metaphor for my undying affection for my exboyfriend.


Reader : Roses are red... this is crap!
Writer (snatching poem away) : The other Urbisinians said how profound I was. You just don't understand my art!

Note : Urbisinians are prone to bad similies and secret decorder rings. It's the closest the non-cool kids at the cafeteria will come to forming a Myspace-esq clique.
by Kale Sevron July 07, 2006

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