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Submitted UrbanDictionary definitions which editors reject because they do not comply with the guidelines.
Ivana: I was editing the other night on UrbanDictionary, and I rejected 1102 urbanspams in a row!

Nigel: Haha! I feel like urbanspamming. I will write a definition named after Bobby, that guy who annoys me because I have no social life. I will write that to do a "bobby" is to fornicate with wild donkeys! Haha! Revenge of the nerds!

Humphrey: Haw haw! I'm so witty I'll write up a definition of an inside joke nobody else will understand but me! Heehaw!

Generic Asshole: Oh... so urbanspamming is not telemarketing city-dwellers? I must be another dumbass who takes things too literally. Like I got third-degree burns after going out of the frying pan and into fire! Mind you, I could only fit half a buttock into my George Foreman grill. Someone make a word up to describe people like me.

Stephanie: Some editors are lazy and click "yes" for every definition without even reading it... I'm beginning to lose faith in humanity! Oh wait, there wasn't any to begin with...
by Esmat Outim October 07, 2008
When one adds an unnecessary word to urban dictionary, just to yack and brag about how there definition that will never ever be said was put on urbandictionary.com
examples of urban spams are the words noob which already has enough useless definitions is added just spelt in a different way like n00b or n00bs with an s.
by Snuber February 22, 2009