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1: A new, natural-sounding, self-explanatory word that makes sense and may actually be absorbed into the modern lexicon; a word that should be on urban dictionary
2: An invented or existing word that can have a new, alternate meaning as a sexual term/fetish
Opposite: Unurbanable
1: "This bannana guacemole is so good, I'm having a foodgasm."
"Hey that's an urbanable word, you should put that up on UD"
2: The term Jewishly, for instance, can apply to both the ability to hear change dropping from miles away and having intercourse through a sheet.
3: "I tried to make the word PuertAfro-Chitalian into a word for urban dictionary but I couldn't make it into a sexual fetish. It is unurbanable."

by Dieagnostic123 February 03, 2009
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