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One who spends large portions of his or her time on the site Urban Dictionary aimlessly typing in letters to see what weird definitions others have written.
In addition, this group of people occasionally write their own definitions in an attempt to be funny.

But worst of all, UrbanDictionary Nerds are simply filthy hypocrites.
If you are reading this, you're probably an UrbanDictionary Nerd.
by DanLi February 05, 2010
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1. a person who, when they dont know what a sexual related word means, they look it up on urban dictionary

2. a person who is compulsive at looking at or adding words ot urban dictionary
Mike: Dude, that kid is such an urban dictionary nerd.
Joe: Why?
Mike: He didn't know what a queef was so he looked it up on
by E.J. Wells March 24, 2009

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