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when riding on public transport and being spooned due to over crowding or someone is just a creep
woke up to this creep pressing up so close i could feel his junk, he was straight up urban spooning me
by croopstc August 11, 2011
When you or someone you know lays down next to a bum in the city and cuddles with them, also known as spooning.
Tom: Whoa, That bum smells like piss.
John: I dare you to urbanspoon him.
John: I'll buy you beer tonight if you do it.
by amaxwell01 January 12, 2009
A urbanspoon happens when you are walking downtown or in the city and your significant other comes up behind you and holds you/gives you a hug from behind.
Dude, They just totally urbanspooned.

It's not polite to urbanspoon in front of old people.
by amaxwell01 January 12, 2009