Real clubs and real balls, just on the wrong kind of course. Hit the cars, smash the windows, hit that guy with the club instead of the ball.
Smack em in the head. Golf time.
by trombley November 04, 2003
Top Definition
A drinknig gam invented at Washington College located in historic Chestertown, Maryland. Urban Golfing involves meandering around campus with a golf club, tennis ball, and large amounts of alocohol. One hits the tennis ball and follows the direction while consuming adult beverages.
It's nice today let's go urban golfing!
by pandasandpearls February 20, 2011
golfing in any urban or city area. must have a minimum of 3 people and 3 different clubs (ex: driver, 9 iron, putter) each player can only carry one club. the objective is to play golf but you make whatever you want a hole and play where the ball lands, even if it means a flower garden, a car hood or even a roof.

avoid police and home owners at all times
try to be liek arnold and tiger, just dont sleep with 30 women if your married lol
Joe along with the drive put a nice dent into the pickup truck on the third hole aka Ms. Roses flower garden while urban golfing last Sunday, not everyone is tiger or arnold!
by urbansprinter April 10, 2010
hitting duct tape balls with a sand wedge at cars or houses
golf on the streets
by connor November 02, 2003
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