A person who gives a dumbass definition for something on urban dictionary
Hey I wonder what ascot means Ill search it on urban dictionary. Ascot : slang for yo ass got bigger. Wtf a real urban dictionary definition would be that thing Fred wears around his neck on scooby doo wow this guy is an urban dictionary dumbass
by Mreraofawesomeness July 29, 2012
Top Definition
Someone who writes Urban Dictionary definitions about themselves, or people who they know, but who are not famous. Esp. when those definition is "*insert name here* is very cool and attractive."
Person 1: Hey! Jeremiah defined himself on Urban Dictionary!
Person 2: What an Urban Dictionary Dumbass...
by Snowskeeper February 25, 2013
An individual who leaves words and/or definitions on UD that are unintelligable, opinionated, anecdotal, an inside joke, factually incorrect, erroneous, unnecessary, poorly worded, poorly described, overcomplicated, unlikable or worst of all lacking humor or charm
Definitions left by An Urbandictionary dumbass can be found at the very back of the page with many down thumbs on them. why an editor even accepted them i'll never understand
by ElbowTheHappyViking June 10, 2010
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