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Whenever there is a sub-cultural difference in chatrooms and text messages, the term refers the person to go look it up in

Verbal differences differ from different parts of the country and world.

Californians say "That's whats up!" while others in the northeast would say " That's the shit!"
Person 1: Dude...this guy told me i was an Alaskan Whaler's Harpoon..Do you know what that means?
Person 2: can Urban Dic it!
Person 1: Awww..thats when you have a small dick screwing a "large" girl...thats mean!
by Complex-Buddha July 29, 2009
To UrbanDic (or Urban Dictionary) something is to look it up on Urban Dictionary. It could be used in a conversatiuon in which someone has used a new slang word that you don't understand.
"He's a dotcomrade of mine."
by anyaaa :) October 25, 2007
When finding out a meaning of a word on
b- stfu dikhead
a- stfu? wat does that mean?
b- urbandicit noob
by pacmanattack April 30, 2009
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