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1. something managed primarily by urban dictionary editors, not really any set of policy.

2. Something that maybe once existed, but now have been radically reduced judging that the likes of suicide wank and badly wrapped kebab exist, it seems as if their quality standards may have gone from "Useful and necessary controversial contributions" to "lol sex".

3. synonym for inexistence

4. something that produces a large quantity of clever yet utterly useless definitions, such as this one
My definition of boner garage is totally gonna go down well with those urban dictionary editors, it's up to the urban dictionary standards.

My definition of antidisestablishmentarianism was denied in place of a contribution about eminem's wang. #urbandictionarystandards

Hah, you have a girlfriend like urban dictionary standards exist.

My definition is totally going to pass urban dictionary standards, because it's clever.
by whatsitooyah April 28, 2014
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