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n. A dog which barks in the early morning hours and awakes people from their sleep, similar to a rooster on a farm.
The neighbor's 'urban rooster'dog wakes me up every morning at the crack of dawn.
It's the sound of the people in the street beginning two to three hours before the sun rises. It usually starts with random shouting (male drunks) and yelling/screaming (hookers) once they realize the bars have closed and they are caught off-guard being outside in the middle of the street. The 2nd phase is when cabbies screech to a halt and yell obscenities at the aforementioned city dwellers as they wobble in and out of traffic. Phase 3 continues to amp-up the street noise when the 'industrious' homeless begin collecting their cans and bottles from the trash strewn about. (Why the hell do they clink the bottles…don’t they know people are trying to sleep?) Phase 4 picks-up from there when the 'passed-out homeless' wake up and get agitated at everyone previously mentioned, and start yelling & slurring, but making no sense due to their grogginess. The final phase crescendos with police and fire sirens & horns responding to the circus that is taking place 100 feet from your home/condo/apartment. You are now fully awake.
Jim, whay are you so tired? Jim: I barely slept last night, thanks to the Urban Roosters starting up around 3 in the morning!
by Steve 6-15 March 16, 2009
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