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Canadian chain store based in Montreal, as all Canadian clothing stores, are and situated all over Canada (and in the US now too). A more expensive, higher-quality version of Stitches, which is a store that sells utterly crap hip-hop/skater clothing. Basically, Urban Planet has 4 brand labels: Urban Planet, Sirens, Seduction, and Whisper. They sell clothes of all styles, from preppy to hip-hop to vaguely goth, for very affordable prices. The service at some stores (eg the Promenade Mall superstore in Thornhill, ON) is pretty shitty though, although other stores make up for that. Urban Planet is probably the most risque of all Canadian clothing stores and sells a lot of "out-there" items (eg. micro mini skirts, very low-cut halter tops, and tank tops that say "Looking for a man"), but you can get some gorgeous, non-designer, punk/goth-looking stuff there very cheap, so I love it.
I just bought a green striped top (like that girl on the NIN webcam wore) at Urban Planet. It cost me $5 (like $3.50 US for all you Americans). How amazing is that?
by marla x0 August 13, 2004
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Clothing store! Cheap n' GOOD. GANGSTA "PONY-TAIL" WEAR
-"yo boiz, let's roll over to urban planet for some hot new threads."
by m-o-m May 26, 2006
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A clothing store located in canada. Consists of urban clothes such ass bongo exco.Kind of a higher quality version of stitches (doesn't hae crappy skater clothes)
urban planet is a clothing store with hip-hop and r&b clothing
by lil_kyzeh November 11, 2006
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