Chocolate version of a Cougar or Urban Cougar. Sometime called "Black Cougar". This variety can usually dance and move much better than it's lighter Cousins. Typically seeks young fresh light meat. Watch out for this predator as she relies on stealth. They hair is did differnt and are typically scerrrrd of large dogs.
Damn Jerome. That Urban Panther pounced on Troy. Homie didn't eeeven stand a chance! Once the Pather gets the sent of young manass... its all she wrote
by sasquatch15inch May 03, 2007
Top Definition
A young female urbanite who takes everything to the extreme, whether that be work or leisure. She takes prowling, or hunting for a male mate, to an extreme, using strategic and tactical techniques. Successful in her profession and well-educated, she holds herself to a high standard of class, but often finds herself in debaucheries within the urban jungle.
Did you see Chelsea command that meeting last week and then kill it at the bar, she’s such an urban panther.
by Brosefina69 May 04, 2011
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