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A group of Urban Dictionary editors who only publish their entries and there friends, thus making it much harder to 'Define your world' if you are not in their elite clan.
Probably a group of 10-14 year olds who think they are cool because they can suppress others opinions.
Bob: Hey i tried to add the definition 'cigarette' and in my example it said they killed people, but then some Urban Dictionary Nazis rejected it. What a fag.

First used by 4\/\/$<|-|31213
by AntiUDNAzi April 12, 2007
dumbasses who spend all their time looking up stupid shit on this website and reviewing other people's slang terms to make sure they are not in violation of some sort of rule.
I am an urban dictionary nazi and I suck ass. I spend probably upwards of 5 hours a day on looking at retarded words and writing reviews of them whenever I am slightly offended. My IP should be logged and I should be banned from this website.
by AntiFascistAction March 03, 2005
A man (mostly men) that refuse to accept good sound urban dictionary definitions without valid reason and also without any empathy for how the submitter must feel (rejection after rejection).
"Did you see that urban dictionary mail? The Urban Dictionary Nazi's at work again. Give me a napkin. *sniff* Bastards!
by Cointopay September 15, 2014
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