Someone who actually uses the Urban Word of The Day words in everyday talk. In doing so he/she sounds like a douche.
Husband: "Honey, I just played Russian Toilette, and lost"
Wife: "Don't be an Urban Dictionary Douche!"
by RocketPower10 February 27, 2011
Top Definition
Somebody who thinks they're cool because they know a million definitions on this site. They spend their time bragging on how they the name of every sexual position involving feces and belittle people who don't know every single definition here.
Urban Dictionary Douche: You mean you don't know the difference between a Cleveland Steamer and an Alabama Hot Pocket? noob!

Normal Person: ... I'm gonna go now.

Urban Dictionary Douche: You are so weak sauce!

Normal Person: Get welded.
by tejastejastejas August 26, 2009
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