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An insult similar to ur mom, insultation of the face
bitchpleez90210: u r sooooo ugly omg
as_if_321123: yeah well ur face is hella ugly! like ur mom!!
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just like your momma but with ur face
roger:hey wutchya talking about?

kimberly:how ugly ur face is

emma:oh burn

example 2

roger:wutchya looking at?

kimmy: ur mommas face

emma:oh burn
by macketteemmerly November 29, 2007
a word used to insult or make fun of someone in a joking manner.(me and my friends made this saying up yrs ago and the way we use it too !)
(talking on the phone to my best friend) "guess what colleen"? "what"? Ur Face! hahaha

other example : "So where do you want to go eat" ?, "how about ur face"

other example : "im so tired", " i'm so tired of Ur face" hahaha
by Alicia Lee April 26, 2007
Two words to say, when you dont have a comeback
1, Dude, your birth certificite is an apologie letter from the condom factory

2, Ur face

1, ok....
by muchpapoys March 28, 2011
urface is a derivative word from urmom, it is commonly known as an insult, usually used when asked a question.
"Gosh Matt, you look ugly in that outfit!" Said Julie

"Urface!" He rudely replied.

by Nom-nom-nom August 29, 2008
Insult similar to the all too familar saying "ur mom"
only better.
Person1: " dude. Guess what?"
Person2: "what?!"
person3: "ur face"
by urface(: July 17, 2010
ur faces collage
"Hey ur face is in my way!"
"so what fiend"
by Yami Marik October 04, 2003

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