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Upper Merion High school is /not/ A bad school, despite what the other two retarded definitions might say. Hell, why does an obscure high school even have a definition? It's a nice place with a new laptop loaning system implemented in 2009, and that's about it. Bullshit on people who make those defs. on things they know nothing about.
Person on Urbandictionary: What the hell is this? Upper Merion High isn't a bad school, I need to make a definition that tells that it isn't what those posers say about my school.
by TheTruthAboutUMHS September 17, 2009
This school is so bad that even community college's look down on it. It's filled with the white kids who think that they are ghetto but are truly not and white girls who have black girl attitudes. The freshman girls are the biggest sluts ever. The worst thing about this school is that people are actually retarded enough to get drunk while in school but to make it even worse some are retarded enough to get high in school. This school is a complete JOKE
Comm College Teacher: Oh my god, you went to Lower Merion!
Student: No, I went to Upper Merion High.
Comm College Teacher: Ohh. (looks away in disgust.)
by AField October 30, 2007
Stereotypical American high school. A school of middle-class toolbags and stoners; kids thinking they are the shit, but really just suffer from major personality crisis.
- "Upper Merion High is a pretty dry school"

- "Shut the fuck up dude, this is how we do it in America!"
by Denmark Dave June 01, 2006
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