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Should these things really be so goddam literal?
Going To the Shops - The act of leaving your abode to purchase items of need or want.
"Hey, Mike, I need some milk, so I'm going to the shops"

Unwrap the soap. ffs
by Sean in Dublin November 23, 2007
When a gay guy goes in for the kill.
Hey Gordon (from Sesame Street),

Can I unwrap the soap in the shower with you?
by Pollup November 25, 2007
When someone decides to stick it to someone, or tell them the truth.
"Man, I can't decide if I'm gonna tell my girlfriend that I cheated on her"

"Dude, just unwrap the soap"
by Tim Hawksfield May 13, 2008
Being the first one of your hotel roomates to get up in the morning and take a shower.
Dude, I'm sleeping in. It's your turn to unwrap the soap.
by Snappy1 June 23, 2007