Euphamism for having a shit, can be used in front of vicars etc.
"Im just nipping upstairs to unpack"
by Pikey mullet September 19, 2005
Top Definition
verb. A tedious activity invented by English teachers. The meaning of every word in a sentence must be explained with an entirely new sentence or paragraph.
The sentence: "Mrs. Goodwater nodded, held up her hands, and there was silence."

Unpacked becomes: "Well, the auther calls her Mrs. Goodwater and not Clara to emphasize her position of authority over the audience. The fact that she nodded implies a positive emotional impact, rather than if she had shook her head or frowned, which would have been negative. This explains that she is on friendly terms with the audience. Since the audience was not living in fear of her authority, they were not quiet immediately. Therefore she also had to hold up her hands, which means she was on the verge of becoming exasperated, and which is also an example of the author's use of alliteration. But when she did that the audience became silent. Since the author used 'silent' instead of 'quiet,' or 'softer,' it shows that he meant every person had stopped talking and they all had their attention on Mrs. Goodwater."

"That's why I read books, not English papers."
by sunlight November 09, 2004
Unpack (uhn-pack) v.

1. A word used to replace the act of taking a massive dump.
2. To get away from your friends and beat off by yourself.
Brian: Alright, guys, I'm gonna' go unpack. Talk to you later.

Norm: Yeah, it'll probably make you feel a lot better.
by homesicksong January 04, 2006
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