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1. Usually refers to people with normal intelligence who cannot get along with those with mental disabilities.



2.Not nice, friendly, or pleasent; mean, malicious, nasty, rude; hostile
No wonder she can't get along with them because of her unniceness.
by aaroncoryhim December 17, 2007
1.Usually refers to people with higher normal intelligence who cannot get along with anyone with mental disabilities; in which it makes it too difficult for him/her to be nice to anyone who is different.
2.Not nice, friendly, or pleasent. Too mean, nasty, malicous, unkind, unfriendly, rude.
No wonder people who are so mean to these people because of thier unniceness
by aaronwcoryhim December 06, 2007
This is not a word in use by anyone except the person who posted it here. Simply posting a word one has created out of their own paranoia does not make it a word. It will never become common usage because it is dependent upon concepts most people with disabilities abhor - the concept that to be disabled is not normal.

The reality is that 90% of people will personally experience some level of disability in their lifetime in themselves or someone they love. This makes the state of being disabled a very normal state of being - a normal variation of the human experience.

Normal intelligence? What is normal intelligence? The norm is established at 100. So at what point are you no longer normal? 99 or 101? 78 or 222?

This is a nonsense word, created using nonsensical concepts, rejected by the majority of the very people it would supposedly be used by.
There is no such word as unniceness, it is grammatically absurd and offensive to the people with disabilities it would supposedly be used by.
by Chiliswoman January 12, 2008
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