A term from the Heroes of Newerth forums describing the act of a mod "destroying" a post that contains not yet released content from their beta area.

often used in context with a picture of Kraken(the heroes of newerth hero)
Person 1:Look at this new hero that is coming this week!


-Mod destroys thread-
by Nobody.Akagi May 07, 2010
Top Definition
To defecate ferociously. This is not your normal "Number two", it's a savage attack on the porcelain perch.
"Oh dear god, that Taco Bell was a mistake. Time to…

by the-grue April 08, 2010
A term used when Brian Brushwood unleashed Bad Romance 1.mov to the world.
Come on Brian, unleash the kraken!
by vahnx June 09, 2010
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