A once good Football College that now has terrible Coaches that get fired every other year nad cannot recruit any decent players.
University of Michigan has not even been to a National Championship since 1997.
by knotalther January 29, 2015
Where West Virginia University coaches go once they've been put out to pasture.
It's more painful if you have to look them in the eye before sending them to University of Michigan.
by Slickeer April 09, 2010
An elite school where the fake hippy lexus driving women come complete with armpit hair, the men all want to be Trey from Phish, and the athletes breeze through what appears to be a collection of middle school classes.

Wolvies tend to not be able to demonstrate loyalty to their sports teams. As seen in the constant booing of Mr. Carr during his last coaching seasing, the fairweather following of Mr. Rodriguez, and the firing of Mr. Amacker.

Wolvies take pride a basketball group called the Fab 5, but I guess when you PAY for a team you can build whatever you want.

Its a group that needs to look back at history because the school has been on existent for several years in any sport.

Through their arrogance, the NFL non playing Mike Harts little brother comment has become joy due to the lack of progress Michigans football team has show (or Mikey for that matter)

You Blew!
University of Michigan pays the fab 5
Lack of Loyalty
Pointing Fingers
False sense of arrogance
Lack of Pride
Most boring school in the big 10
by ExWolvie October 09, 2010
A school that only enrolls students who are asian, black, or ugly. More often than not, one will see male students walking around in a lacrosse jersey with a backwards hat on. It is also common to see every male student try and rock the long sideburns. As for the females, it is not uncommon to see them on football game day wearing some ridiculous outfit, with their knee-high socks, sporting a bright "maize" shirt and a backwards hat. This bright outerwear is to distract you from their ugly faces. The irony of this situation is that these people will claim that they are better than you. They believe that, because they won a lot of football games back in the 60's, 70's and 80's, that their skill carries over to the next era. They also believe that they receive a better education because they get more homework than other schools. However, the reality is that their football team sucks, their girls are ugly, and you're still getting nowhere in life with a degree in Engineering.
(In East Lansing)

"Hey Johnny, who's that slapdick with the sideburns and the yellow hat on backwards, trying to wheel on those freshman girls?"

"Oh, that kid? Don't worry about him. He goes to the University of Michigan and he won't be getting with any girls tonight. He couldn't score in a whorehouse with a handful of twenties."
by Dick Rod November 02, 2011
School located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Known for a declining football program, ugly women, boring parties, snobby unsocial students, and the Asian Invasion.

U of M's Students claim to be better than those of MSU because they study all day long and don't have any fun. They waste their life being unsocial and boring. They often bring up history of their football team and how good they are, yet recently, they have been one of the worst teams in the Big 10.

Students often use one excuse when being made fun of, "But....but...I go to U of M."
"I go to the University of Michigan, and I believe that whats important in life is studying and whacking off late at night because I cannot get a girlfriend."
by nowaytimmyd January 11, 2009
A respectable institution located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The school mascot is a large variety of weasel known as the wolverine, and the school colors are corn and blue. This institution is characterized by students that truly believe that everyone hates them because they jealous of their extreme intellectual superiority and athletic talent. However outside of their "lovely" city/campus/slum, these elitist douchebags don't realize that everyone really hates them because (drumroll please)... they are elitist douchebags. These students are also characterized by their unfriendly attitude towards outsiders that will ultimately condemn them to a horrible fate of only befriending other fellow U of M cohorts. Throughout the rest of the state of Michigan, and for that matter, the rest of the United States, those who affiliate themselves with U of M are generally looked upon with disdain, pity, or outright disgust because of these unfounded self-righteous attitudes. Their non-student fan base is notorious for having a large amount of red-neck hicks too stupid to get into ANY institution of higher learning, and a student fan base famous for booing their own teams in times of trouble. At times, supporters and students of U of M can become so delusional as to believe that their institution is an Ivy League school, thus inspiring chuckles of patronizing pity from everyone who knows better. If one has the unfortunate luck of having to meet with a Wolverine supporter or student, one should disregard their truly pointless and pompous speeches about the superiority of this institution, and instead hand them a flashlight in order to help them in the quest of removing their head from their rectum.
"Hey Jimmy, what's that?"

"This? Oh, it's just my acceptance letter to the University of Michigan, Johnny."

"Wow, now everyone I know has one of those."

"Yeah, they offered me a four-year academic and athletic scholarship."

"So are you gonna go there?"

"No I think I'd rather scrape my eyeballs out with a plastic spork. And besides, I'll never get into a good career because no one will want to fucking deal with me. But what should I do with the letter?"

"I used mine to wipe my ass."
by GoBlow1234 April 18, 2009
A wannabe ivy league university, with the ugliest student population in the country.
Blech, those University of Michigan student's look like cows.
by MEEEEEEEEEE January 02, 2006
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