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A high school in which you get beat up for NOT being a nerd.
The jock visiting University High School got a trumpet shoved up his ass.
by roxareinmyhead September 30, 2004
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Small, all white school in the richest neighborhood in San Francisco
University is great at soccer, but sucks at Basketball
by bigblock23 February 10, 2005
A school in the suburb of Parkville in Melbourne. A school that sounds great by the name but dont be fooled in reality it truely is a shit hole.
Teenager 1: Where do you go to school?
Teenager 2: University High School
Teenager 1: Oh.. (starts to walk away)
by Poopy nappy October 21, 2008
A school full of nast in Orlando. Has an IB program and a gift program. Has many lesbians, pregnant girls, spanish guys with small backpacks, and several trees for each social clique.
I go to University High School, a place of Higher Learning.
by A2Molly November 14, 2005
Is an institution in the smack-dab, middle-of-nowhere Illinois, where everyone realizes that they are better than everyone else in the town. Albeit, the studetns are technically lab rats for ISU, any U-High student who ends up going to ISU and not some Ivy League or Big Ten (11) or SEC school is an absolute failure. And heaven forbid they end up at Heartland.
"I got into U-High!, now I'm too smart to hang out with you Mr. President. Oh, hi there Ms. Playmate..."
by pOiSoNeDrAgOn January 26, 2005
Tightest school with the hottest booty. Super challenging. Everyone is too damn smart causing the rest of the schools in San Francisco to get worked up and feel inferior.
UHS, you expect anything less? Bow down to the Devils of the 415
by blapblap February 15, 2005
A small independent high school in San Francisco. The school is very challenging, and it is better than Urban.
Guy 1: What's that cool school in San Francisco?
Guy 2: It's University!
by John Doe January 09, 2005

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